Reaching out as a oldie

So I’ve been playing BH since the second month it came out and finally got around to making a profile on here… I just wanted to let people know that there are many worlds that I visit and fall in love with, as well as quite a few people that I’m good friends with. So I just wanted to say that while I always dreamt of owning a world but never being able to, I really do enjoy my time here and hope to be here until the app dies. Play on fellow otakus and otaku-haters alike… I love you all <3 -Liciela, co-owner of anime sins and everyone’s snuggling/rp friend


Hi oldie, you started playing one year earlier than me i guess. i like anime too, but not much. just to let u know a lot of people on this forums have a dislike for anime servers.

Welcome to the community, though you may not find me to be familiar i am sure maybe we could get along.

Is that true?

Well I’ve unfortunately met a lot of people who wreck servers just because they’re anime, so I wouldn’t be surprised unfortunately.

People have decided that anime servers are bad servers, because those with anime in the name are often where I end up going to take steps against inappropriate play. To be honest, I don’t think anime worlds are really any worse than worlds with anime-free names, but it’s become a thing. If I catch someone griefing a world, for any reason, I consider them in the wrong. The correct way to deal with problem worlds is to report them.