Recently purchased a server, not able to get in!

I recently bought a new online survival server with 30 world credits (5 dollars Canadian). When I try to enter the world it won’t let me because it says connection error and that the world is unavailable at the moment. I’m wondering if it’s because I made the server 16x and the world is having troubles loading the chunks or is just a bug. Anyone else experiencing the same issue or have someone who can fix this issue?!

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many people started reportin issues with not gettin a purchase they have made, however @milla will be more than glad to help you.

Did you choose custom settings? If you have, then maybe your choice of settings may have been unable to correctly generate a world.

It would be best to PM her.

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We’re already onto that stage, thanks @WumboJumbo :slight_smile:

Oh, my bad!

Not at all. No bad whatsoever.