Recipe for a perfect house

When you first warp into the game. You will need a place to build a house otherwise drop-bears and dodos will interfere with your blockheads actions.
Firstly, I suggest you craft some doors. These can be crafted in a wooden workbench which is crafted in a workbench.

Before you place your doors, ( unless you want to have dirt doors ) I suggest you get some wood by mining from the top book of the tree ( it gives you more wood) and mine out the block under where your going to place your door. Then place the wood into the hole then place the door and voila! You have a proper wooden door. Do the same with the other side and then start on the main structure with your house. Safe the designing for later when you get some better tools like axes so you can get a better supply of wood

[U]getting better[/U]
Don’t think woods good enough for you? Well there’s always limestone.
Limestone is an amazing material that goes really well with wood and makes your home look fantastic! Your going to need a pick to get some so start off with a flint pick so you can get yourself some stone, then upgrade your toolbench to stone. ( If you don’t have a toolbench I suggest you get one because you kinda can’t play the game without one)
When you dig down through the blocks… I’d saaay… At least six to ten blocks down you should start to see limestone.

To have a wooden house, comes great responsibility… No campfires otherwise… Let’s just put it this way. Your house will burn down. I have had Experience with this and many other players too. Wooden house+ campfire= no house

[U]materials you don’t wanna build your house with[/U]
I’m not saying you SHOULDENT use these materials. It’s up to you! :smiley:

Personally I don’t think stone is a good material to build your house with, especially when you just have a big block for a house without anything else, but when you have a wooden roof, windows and maybe a paint job it couldn’t look better! I suppose it depends on how you build it. I’ve seen some messy stone houses but some can actually look quite nice! ( see buddy’s picture )

Dirt: dirt is a no go. Unless you maybe have a house inside a hill? Then that would be quite nice!
But digging up dirt and building a house with it is like you be bothered. Unless in extreme survival situations! Like when your surrounded by a pine forest with lots of dropbears!

Ice: taking ice from the North Pole and building a house with it is kinda crazy. Unless your spawn is in the North Pole
So you come back from a mining trip and dump all your stuff in a chest. No.
Organising your stuff can make a big difference. Labelling them with signs especially if you have a lot of chests. Example: limestone and stone, gems, tools, food.

I love to paint my house XD I don’t really have the time for it in sp ( single player) though.
You can paint your house in lots of different ways. Three of of thee most common ways are, full colour, stripes and diagonal. Full colour looks nice usually but when you want to go for something especially funky! Or you can do pixel art if your house is big enough!

[U]chandeliers, gems and shark jaws.[/U]
Having chandeliers is a nice addition to your home! Expensive, but nice. Even if it’s an amethyst chandelier! Personally I’m really happy that these where added into the game as they make a great addition to your home! One in a room looks classy, more than one usually makes it a little bit weird. ( to me anyway XD)

Gems: gems are nice to have in your home as everything is SHINY! Try to keep them to the upper part of your room so your blockheads don’t click on them by mistake and the. Your panicking and looking everywhere for your gem when you accidentally had it in your inventory the whole time -_- ( I have nothing to do with this XD) now here’s a good tip, don’t use gems from sapphires up in multiplayer houses that people can break into. If you have anything like diamonds in your home people will not hesitate to break in and take the lot. ( YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! ) so surround your houses in steel, especially if you have chests with anything valuable in them ( get safes, they may be expensive but WORTH IT)

Shark jaws: you have come home from killing sharks at the nearest beach. Like chandeliers, I suggest having only a few in your room. Try to make them the centrepiece as they don’t look nice stuck in a wall -_- . Baby shark jaws are cute and like gems you can have them in the upper bit of your room… Kinda like banners. I know there are people out there that as soon as they get loads of shark jaws they place loads in a room at a time. It looks weird XD so try to avoid placing many and look after your trophy! You have just killed one of the most dangerous creatures in the blockheads! Give it some respect!

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in certain circumstances stone buildings can look nice. i personally think that this looks nice:

its simple and fits in with the surroundings

you should add not to build out of wood since placing a campfire on it will burn the house down

Agreed buddy. Added.

When I try to bake my house I use flour, eggs, milk and the secret ingredient…dropbear corpses.

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How… Lovely?

Are you complimenting me or questioning me?

Lol, dirt house in a hill…like a Hobbit-Hole!

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I don’t want to answer that question. XD

I often openly display a few gems (IE one diamond, two emeralds…) to test people.

  1. I leave.
  2. I join.
  3. If they’ve been stolen, I leave.

I start with a dirt house, than when I get more, I change my house into a limestone one. That’s my way, even in an peaceful area

I like to use glass blocks with other blocks…:slight_smile: In this case, stone+glass(was repairing a friend’s house after a fire…)

I usually prefer a marble house. They look especially pretty when you paint them [strike]with bloooood[/strike].

:stuck_out_tongue: I might add a photo if I can find one.

Sorry, but isn’t that a little fat way to judge a server?
Like, there will pretty much always be griefers at all public servers at some point…

I guess that’s just her way of testing, and everyone has their own way so I won’t be that bothered>_<

Really, the ultimate tip is that beauty is not a constant. There is no one formula for beauty. Make it the way you want!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder:) I think it’d be cool to build a bio dome which is a few layers of steel thick…and building the house of your dream in it…complete with dirt blocks and plants…It should last a while on public servers…XD

I said to test people. It usually affects the way I build :slight_smile:

Generally, I start making Hobbit-Holes until I can make a jetpack - then I take to the sky. (I also make temples, and cottages!)

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