Recording My GamePlay


I can’t seem to find an app that records my gameplay. Here’s why.

  1. Yeah, mum and dad are willing to pay for it.
  2. They’re mostly scams.
  3. Reflector is not on the App Store.
  4. Neither is Cloud Player.
  5. I need to RECORD MY SCREEN!
  6. Um… Well… Erm… Yeesh. I seem to have run out of reasons.


Reflector isn’t on the App Store, but you can download it from the website. You don’t need an app on your device for it.
If your parents are willing to pay for it, it’s $12.99. I’m not sure if you meant to say “aren’t” willing to pay for it.


Me too, but do you need jailbreak for these apps?

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Reflector is a good choice but it can only record certain devices. It should be listed somewhere on the Reflector Website…


Nope. No jailbreak required. But your device must have AirPlay capabilities.

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Reflector is probably one of the best Apps that I own. $12.99 is a lot, especially for kids, but it’s absolutely worth every penny. (I should be a spokesperson for them…)


What is ‘airplay’?
And I’ll see if my parents are willing to pay that much.
Dad is, because he wants to glitch or find out how every program works. (A physicist with a programming hobby :o)
Mum might be.


Reflector is a good choice if u don’t want to jailbreak ur device.


Airplay is a feature that apple designed to display your device’s streaming media or entire screen onto an Apple TV. Reflector uses that code to effectively turn your PC into an Apple TV. You then need to get a screen recording app such as fraps or FS capture.

If you’re looking for not paying much and run ios 6, I suppose Recordmyscreen would be ok. It’s free and it uses the microphone built in to your iDevice. Have a look at it at


You don’t need a screen recording app if you get Reflector. You don’t need anything else at all. Reflector takes everything from your screen and the audio, and records it.


YYay! I have Airplay, but which website is it listed???



Ok, so Record and Reflector are the ony non-Jailbreak ones? Thanks!
I am assuming IPad mini comes with Airplay.


Yeah, it does.


Okay, do I need a Mac for this?
I don’t have a Mac. Father does.


No, Reflector works on PC and Mac.


So… You record the PC? Not iPod?

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Just google airplay servers - there are more than just two.


I see.
Can you explain more about record my screen, its pros and cons?


Wait I have an (free) open source app for you, it’s generally used on jb devices but It can be used on non-rooted ios too. Coming back with more info soon!

I don’t use exploits…