Recovering an old server - Need Help

About 5 years ago, in the summer of 2017, I last played Blockheads. Yesterday, I got a huge wave of nostalgia and wanted to tour the old server I used to lead. From what I’ve seen now, servers work a bit different than how they used to, and I am unable to connect, even though I am fully updated and connected to internet. Is it possible for me to contact the devs or some sort of moderation team so I can recover this long dormant server? I don’t care if it’s online or not, all I really want is the map. If that’s not possible, then are the map files stored locally somewhere? Sorry if this knowledge is commonplace, as I know practically nothing. Thanks for your help!

Are you playing the Android version of the game?

Nope, using an old iPad mini for this. I have an android tho, if that is required

How old? What’s the latest version of iOS that it can run?

The highest it can run is 9.3.5, but as far as I can tell that should be high enough (app store page says 8.0 or higher)

It should be. My iOS on my old iPad was 8.something and it could run the game.
Is this a Mac server or a cloud server?

You’ll have to forgive me, I have no clue which. I’m going to presume that it was a cloud server and not a dedicated Mac server, as this was back in the days where I believe all servers ran on time crystals (IIRC).

If it was a cloud server it probably ran out of credit. Server credit is added via IAPs now instead of time crystals.

Like what Sir_Att said above, could it be out of credit? Is that what the message says? (Sorry if this is a dumb and obvious question lol, I’m out of ideas).
Does it look like this when you’re trying to join?

Ah, sorry then. You won’t be able to play the game. Your device is too old:

Have you recently played the game on that device?

Ah, you do have a point. Probably been a few months since, as I lost the charger (and also reason to play the BHs on that device). :grimacing:

You could always purchase a new charger (unless you recently bought a new device).

Got it. Does that mean all is lost or can I transfer stuff over to another device?

EDIT: In case it’s relevant, I have a Windows computer, an Android phone, and I can borrow my dad’s iPad if necessary, although I’d prefer to use my own devices if possible.

Not entirely sure if majicdave can access the server files from the cloud. but i know how you feel. in late 2016, i wanted to recover one of the servers i really cared about, so i contacted milla to merge my support id so i could gain access back to the portal to where it was stored. because i wanted to see it again.

You can definitely transfer your worlds to a different device. :slight_smile:

Would this only work for my singleplayer saves, or would it bring over my multiplayer saves with it? And, alternatively, if the multiplayer map is stored anywhere locally on the device, could I just play it in singleplayer? Sorry if these are stupid questions, I don’t have much experience in this.

Your multiplayer servers are transferred over automatically VIA iCloud.