Reduce Battery Drain In-Game

Hello everyone! Do any of you guys have suggestions on how to reduce battery consumption in game? I tend to do long gaming sessions that my phone starts to heat up after 30 or so minutes. Thank you guys in advance!

Plug in while playing turn on Energy saver mode use a ice pack / cold pack as a phone rest that’s about all I got :slight_smile:

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Lol, thanks for the suggestion. However I would like to play on the go without being forced to look for an outlet. Also, isn’t it a bad idea to put a cold pack on a phone, because of condensation and thermal shock?

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Hello there!

Do NOT use an ice pack. You are right, it may cause condensation on the inside which can spoil your phone.

To save power, you can:

  1. Turn on power saving mode on your phone.
  2. Kill all background apps when you play the game.
  3. If you are crafting something (especially for long crafting sessions), don’t leave the screen on and watch your blockhead spank the bench. Do something else while your blockhead crafts in the background. :slight_smile:
  4. Reduce the brightness of your screen if possible.
  5. Check your world for causes of lag. Cut down on these if possible. These can be: excessive amount of portals, pets, flowing water, dropped items etc.

Phone heating is inevitable due to the laws of conservation of energy. Because your phone is not 100% efficient, some battery power will result in thermal energy release. It’s the same as a light bulb - it gets hot if you leave it switched on for a long time. I recommend taking breaks and switch off your phone periodically to let it cool.

However, this effect is likely worsened if your phone is old. My 4 year old old phone (a Samsung S5) dies when the battery is at 50% and heats up a LOT. I recommend getting a new phone (or new phone battery) if your phone is very old.

Hope these tips helped :slight_smile:


I highly recommend just enabling auto-brightness or low power mode if the OP is an iPhone user.

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Thank you for the in-depth reply, really appreciate it! I will definitely try out some of your suggestions on saving power (Or I’ll just end up saving for a new phone :stuck_out_tongue:). The only issue with lagging is when I’m either zooming in/out or exploring/mining in caves.


Unfortunately, it’s a very graphics intensive game. Other than what is suggested, we have to just put up with it.


Some Devices Cant Enable Power Savee Mode While Charging. Just A Heads Up. :wink:

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Maybe if you’re playing on an iPhone 3GS, but otherwise I wouldn’t think so.

The game is graphics intensive regardless of the device. But a newer device can certainly handle that load better than an older one. But on either one, it still has to calculate block and item placement, motion of your blockheads, all the animals, and certain items, lighting, shading, the passage of time, growth of plants, etcetera, etcetera.


not what you wanna do tho either-it’s actually harmful for the charger and phone (even tho i sometimes do it)

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i went to apple store ppl about a broken device and they said not to charge while playing
it’s generally known you’re not supposed to charge your device while playing it. it’s general knowledge and apple store evidence

Not necessarily as it can heat up the charger on very rare occasions it will damage it

Three things you can do right now to improve battery life:

Stop automatic email fetch

When you set up your email account on your iPhone, you probably didn’t worry about your battery life. Who would? But your iPhone may have your email set up to Push. What that means is that your email, contacts and account information are always at your fingertips.

Now that seems like a great feature, but it comes with a heavy cost to your battery. Your phone is constantly asking the email server for new information, and every one of those requests is costing you battery power.

If you don’t need always-instant access to your mail and contacts, try this:

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Passwords and Accounts
  • Choose Fetch New Data
  • If Push is on, turn it off
  • Down at the bottom, you can choose Every 15 minutes under Fetch
  • Make sure your other accounts are also set to Fetch

This will cut down that constant barrage of requests and save you a ton of battery life. Note that even if you never set up Mail on your phone, this setting may be enabled!

Turn off location settings

One thing that’s great about the iPhone is the way it provides local and relevant information, and that’s a useful feature. But you’d be surprised how many apps are tracking your location. It’s a big privacy problem, and it’s also draining your battery.

To check what’s using your location:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Location Services

There, you’ll see all the apps using your location information. Now, this isn’t something you want to turn off entirely. Things like a mapping app knowing where you are is helpful. Share My Location makes it easy to give your location to family and friends, for example. But you may want to set some of those other apps to “While Using” or turn off location entirely.

Now, be careful playing with this since it could break some important functionality, but if you’re confident in your iPhone skills, tap on System Services and see all the things running behind the scenes. You obviously want to keep things like Emergency Calls and SOS and Find My iPhone running, but you’d be surprised what Apple is watching behind the scenes.

Tap Significant Locations and you can see all the places Apple thinks are important to you. Did you know they were tracking you that closely? You can turn that off unless you care about getting location-relevant ads. There are several other settings for local advertising that you can turn off unless you are particularly inclined to worry about the usefulness of your ads.

Disable analytics and advertising data

For one more way to protect your privacy and battery, try this:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Privacy
  • Scroll down to the bottom

You’ll see two words with no fancy icons: Analytics and Advertising. Analytics is simply the phone reporting back to Apple how you’re using it. Advertising is, obviously, tracking where you are and what you do to serve you better ads.

Even if you’re fine with that in principle, turn it off if you’d rather not use your battery power to do it. Give these quick changes a try and you’ll see an improvement in your battery life. Even better, you won’t have to buy a new battery or even a whole new phone to get the performance you paid for.


The solution to that is to buy Monoprice brand chargers because of the lifetime warranty. My family’s chargers all broke at once and my dad emailed them and they sent us 4 new chargers without asking questions for free. There are probably other brands that do this but monoprice chargers also seem to charge our phones quite fast

Note: this will still damage your phone a little just like any other charger.

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Disabling any radios you’re not using is a good idea, if battery life is important. If you’re on wifi and not expecting any calls turning off the cellular radio is good. If you’re using cellular and not wifi, kill the wifi radio. Disable Bluetooth, either way.

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Using a cheap charger can lead to problems. But I’ve been playing Blockheads while plugged in, for oh, about 6 years without issue.

This thread on’s discussion forum is a bit old, but the technology behind charging a battery has not changed.

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Such as?

The charger burning out, or worse, overcharging your device and causing a fire. I don’t know how many reviews I’ve read on Amazon where the charger caught on fire. :grimacing: