So i bought an online world but it didnt work so i bought it again and it went threw 2 times am i able to yet a refund. And Once ive bought it how do i actually go into the world.

What exactly do you mean that it didnt work? Like as if the purchase didnt go through?

Be a little more descriptive if you can, since i have no idea what you mean that it dont work and that it went through twice.

Do you mean as in that you bought it twice, it took the money from your balance but didnt do anything?

Yes it went threw my bank twice and i paid for 30 days 2 days and i dont know how i get the actual world once i have bought it. Like nothing pops up and when i go on join world and advanced options and search it just searches for ages and does nothing

Do you know why this is or if i can get a refund and if i can get a refund

First question is, what type of device do you use? In other words was this an iTunes or Google Play purchase?

I’m not sure if @milla can reimburse both, or just the iTunes purchases.

So, did you name the world something and was it custom or vanilla?

It was a google play purchase via paypal. And im on android. And i just bought the world 2 times by accident

Im also not sure i think it was a random name i wasnt bothered about that. Was i ment to remember it?

Does it show up in your owner portal? (Log into

If you haven’t set up your account, you can access it by pressing “options” and then “owner portal” if your worlds are in your world spinner.

Im slightly concerned on how you managed to accidentally buy something that asks for your info, but okay.

Also, it would be better if you managed to remember the name of the world. did you create 2 worlds or just one? if two, can you remember both of the names?

The name would help you be able to find it with Search. I don’t think you can access the owner portal until you’ve set up a password using one of your worlds to access the owner portal from your device. Did any attempts to create a world work? I’m guessing there’s an issue with Android because I’m pretty sure on iOS, the process sends you straight to your world from the purchase action and then the world shows up in your spinner until you physically remove it.

You can email support at the email address found in the help / credits section on in game pause menu. If you provide your support ID which is also on that page, they can find your worlds.

Only the Android developer can process refunds. Email support via the app to get in touch with Noodlecake Studios. You can do that by clicking the link to email support in the Support section of the HELP/CREDITS screen, reached via the pause menu. Make sure you reply to their automatic response, so they know it didn’t fix your problem.

I didnt know i had to remember the names so no sorry i cant remember the names i thought it was just random. And i bought it and nothing happened so i did it again so thats how i did it 2 times by accident becuase i thought it didnt go through.

Are you able to access your owner portal though?

i dont see an owner portal anywhere?

Okay so Besides the name search is there anywhere else i can find my island? Because i was gonna play with my mate.

If you pause the game while connected to any cloud world, and go to links. There’s a button there to go to your owner portal.

Your world wasn’t created. The cloud system doesn’t have a record of the purchase. Do you want the world or the refund?

Well i bought 2 so i want 1 of the worlds and a refund possibly.

Okay, cool. I can create the world for you. In the meantime, you contact Noodlecake Studios to get a refund. I will PM you with details of what I need to create your world for you.