RegEx Chat Censor

From my understanding, the cloud uses a list of words to censor if a player types them in the chat. I think that Regular Expressions could be a better solution to players bypassing it. RegEx is a search pattern that would make it very easy to block many common exploits in the current censor that players use.



Yes, the character set and filtering implementations are far from ideal. These aspects of the codebases for the client and the cloud are a part of one reason why working on the game isn’t enjoyable or satisfying for Dave. He knew way less when these were created than he does now, and such problems are so pervasive and so messy compared to his current code that it’s a bit of a nightmare. He coded Sapiens from scratch for precisely that reason.

So if I understand correctly, this probably won’t be implemented because it would be a large inconvenience due to how the code is written?

It definitely won’t be implemented, sorry. Dave would have to spend more time pulling threads to see what they’re attached to than actually coding any changes, and it’s the kind of investment he would never see any return on, given the product’s status. This is something he and I have discussed a few times.