Reinstalling the game

Soo… Ive downloaded the game before and after a while i deleted it because i needed space for another game. And then i got it back and my characters and multiplayer worlds ive had were gone and when i tried to join another persons world it says username taken. Yah me. But idk how to get my characters back. Im on android.

You didn’t offload the game?

Offload the game?

You go to settings go to general then choose iPhone storage and scroll till you ima blockheads click it and you find the offload button

Im android

You should of told us!

Is everyone here on ios?

Probably not all

Oh… Well i just want to have that fixed or if anyone on android to help me figure it out. But i dont think anyone can or will. The play store rating for it is like a 3.6 or something.

Maybe you can pm Milla and ask her possibly

Whose milla?

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to get back any single player worlds, TC, or portal chest items unless you have a backup of your device, but milla can merge your old username with your current one to give you access to your username and progress on multiplayer worlds.

Follow this guide to get your new support ID How to find your Support ID. You won’t be able to message milla until you get to a higher trust level, but she may message you when she sees the thread.

Milla is the community manager, she will probably be able to help you once you get to the level you need to pm her

Yes, that’s what I was talking about. Thank you for clarifying! :slight_smile:

I wasnt talking abkut single player worlds i want my people and multiplayer worlds that i joined back


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Ok… I have the app downloaded again but idk how to sign in like yall are saying

You can’t sign in it’s the same on android as iOS one sec I’ll upload the pictures

Go to help/credits after you are on the menu

And scroll all the way down there should be a support id don’t tell us what it is pm it to @milla

How do i pm her

You will have to wait for milla to pm you