Remove badges on this forum that can't be earned


Title says it all, remove the badges that really can’t be earned anymore or can’t be earned in general.


like what badge?


Will be keeping a track of this topic. Curious as to what other people say. :eyes:


Even the licensed and certified badges will be removed.


But i have the one badge i dont remember which

Edit: i have both certified and licensed badges


Why? Just because it can’t be rewarded anymore doesn’t mean it should be taken from people who were rewarded in the past. If it hasn’t been earned at all and can not be earned, then sure, but not ones that used to be and were earned by some and can’t be earned now.


But… but… why?


But have the badges that used to be earned still here. I bet the people with the licensed badges will still want them.


In a way, it shows an older player who’s been here longer, but badges like Anniversary sort of already do that.


well what’s the point of doing this anyway?


The badges are worthless lol (except the Anniversary Badge, but that’s to a point)


I don’t know if milla or dave even have that much power over the forums.


I can disable badges. I won’t do so without a specific and good reason being provided for a given badge though. Just demanding I disable them in general isn’t really hugely helpful.