Remove Hand Changes Colors


When holding a painted item in your hand as you are removing an item, like a shop for example, it changes the color of the hand. Not sure what I mean? Here:

Ladder removal glitch
Ladder removal glitch

This looks Cool :yum:


Your transformation is complete…
Prepare to fight Captain America for six future movies and lose every single time…


I thought it looks fancy.


This is a weird bug.

I can’t even imagine why it does this. Lol.


Dave could’ve possibly made this on purpose - as this didn’t happen in 1.6 right?

Edit; I don’t see it in the change list.


I don’t think it did.


The glitch is pretty self explained


How I triggered the glitch

So as we all know this is the picture that is displayed when you try to remove a ladder

But I have some markets painted black when I place them this picture is displayed
Now if you try to remove a ladder it’s displayed as a black hand!


Yeah that’s a glitch, i remember someone else came through with this glitch, so ur not alone. I might try to replicate the glitch


It looks like your second picture is broken to me - the URL isn’t one that matches an uploaded image.

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I kinda noticed this too but I thought it was hilarious.