Remove Like After Edit



When we write a reply to a post some people will like it and the like stays still after the edit of the reply.It is a small suggestion but would be helpful.
It will send notification to the person who liked the post/reply that it has been edited like again.
There will be a options in the settings-

  1. Keep my like after the edit (Defualt)
  2. Remove my like after the edit and notify me

This could be helpful because some people changes their post and it shows others the people liked.


I’ll just echo Milla:

I have yet to see this be a problem… even a site like StackOverflow which is completely based around votes doesn’t send notifications when something is edited to those who have upvoted the post.


Why is this a problem?


Let us suppose there are two people, JumboWumbo and BML_HN
If BML_HN posted a post that he likes to ride on a Handcar & JumboWumbo likes to ride on a Handcar too, so JumboWumbo will like the post and after gaining the like BML_HN will edit that and writes he hates to ride a Handcar and saves the edit.The like by JumboWumbo will remain as it is and people think that JumboWumbo hates Handcars and they won’t join JumboWumbo in handcar racing.
So will that be fair?


It’s the standard. I’ve never seen any social platform that didn’t work this way. You may get shot down if you contact Discourse about it, but feel free to try. They do think differently on some issues :slight_smile: