Remove portal chests from expert worlds


Recently, a hacker left a portal chest on my expert world and now the whole point of having this expert server is ruined. Why is this even possible? An expert server should be treated just like a custom server in terms of how portal chests are treated. That is, that it should be impossible. …unless of course it’s actually possible to craft a portal chest in expert mode through secret means? Thoughts for later…


Don’t worry, you can ask for a rollback from Milla to restore the server to the state before the portal chest came. It shouldn’t be possible to craft portal chests in expert. It is a work of an exploit/script kiddie.

You can PM her the details of your server to Milla on this forums, but your trust level isn’t high enough yet. Browse through the forums for a while and you should be able to PM her.:slight_smile:


You could try /repair.


I don’t really care about getting the world rolled back, I made a new one shortly afterwards. I’m just bringing attention to this bug. I’m wondering now if I should have posted this in the glitches thread… reeeeeee


It’s not a bug. It’s an exploit.


Alright. Call it whatever you want.


Still more of a bug than a suggestion.


Is it possible for me to change it to the glitches thread then? Sorry this is my first post and I guess I jumped the gun.


@snowbot Scroll to the top of the thread then hit the pencil icon next to the thread name, hit Suggestions and change it to Bugs & Glitches.

Also, welcome to the forums! :smiley:


You can make custom expert servers.


Welcome to the forums! Not sure what category his should go in. Maybe multiplayer cause it’s a multiplayer hacker?


Moved to #bugs-glitches.


Question: Did you witness him actually using the PC and extracting items? I’m just wondering because on a Custom world that has been migrated from vanilla, we still have portal chests but when you use them, they function just like chests. I’m sure Dave would like to know if this is a fully functional PC or just chest that looks like one.


Yes, it functioned just like an ordinary portal chest. By the time I got on, everyone had portal chests because the hacker had portal chests inside his portal chest. I looked inside one of the portal chests myself and saw the standard items that I would see on any other type of world inside my portal chest. I could show you the world if interested, but it’s currently out of credit. Also in response to someone else above, I’m aware that there’s both vanilla and custom expert servers. I’m pretty sure that portal chests aren’t supposed to be in either of these server types.


Ok, thanks. That’s very alarming and sad that a hacker exploited the game to ruin your server like that.

You’re correct, they aren’t supposed to exist in either type of Expert server. I wonder if the Custom setting disables them. Seems like that’s how Expert should have done it too. I might add some credit for you if you won’t mind converting it to custom to test a theory. Send me a PM if you don’t plan on reviving the server and would be willing to migrate it to Custom.


Expert mode world are treated the same as “survival” worlds therefore allowing the existence of this exploit. It could easily be patched by changing the behavior to custom in the background so it still says “expert survival”.