Removing Large Areas of Blocks

So I recently had the idea that in the case of an owner of a server wanting the to remove a large buildings or random blocks they could use a command called /remove or something like that. With this command they could either double tap a block (much like /repair) or drag out a space and remove everything in its contents. (The blocks would have to be already mined or placed by another player) this would make server renovations, server clean ups and other things go by a lot quicker instead of taking weeks. I’m currently removing a giant building someone built out of carbon fiber above my spawn at my server, which is very annoying and time consuming. This feature would help a lot for future situations like this!
Do you like this idea?
I also would think it would be a command only the owner could use so if an admin goes bad they don’t have the ability to cause as must destruction, when if they did have the ability they could wreck the whole world a lot easier.

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This is a great idea being able to remove a radius of blocks

Oops. Apologies. I didn’t understand the radius thing… yeah it would be helpful. Taking away block by block is pretty time consuming even with the Repair mode.

No, to some extent.

It is very crucial to acknowledge all components of the game, such as whether if the rules are set to Normal, Custom or Expert mode in a world. For example, if someone were to utilize this tool for a Normal or Expert mode world, all the value that the blocks possess, in terms of money, will completely be squandered.

Whereas if someone were to take the task to remove the blocks, the value of the blocks could be sold at a trade-portal. Thence, the price of the blocks will be diminished, and/or the tangible blocks may be reused. This is advantageous for the economy of any item. It is always erroneous to eliminate without receiving back.

In terms of custom ruled worlds, however, this would completely be excellent. In custom ruled worlds, there is the ability to adjust trade-portal settings as desired, one of them being “everything free”.

In conclusion, this would be deteriorating for the economy if the tool were frequently used in a ”Vanilla” world. On the other hand, in terms of a Custom ruled world, this would conserve a lot of time and enthusiasm to continue to devote for a successful server.

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As always, there are a few things to fix with the idea, and thanks for bringing this up! Maybe it could be a special feature only for custom worlds, or it could have an option to drop everything on the ground that you have removed to save the economy and time of a survival server!