Removing Someone From a Chat?


So I have this massive group chat and accidentally added someone but I’m not sure how to remove them. I’ve tried the
add or remove
button but nothing happens so I click on them then it takes me to their profile?
Anyone know what to do?


Is this in the game?
If it is, you should try muting the someone from the chat


Sorry I didn’t say but it’s on the forums in a big chat I accidentally added someone and want to remove them but idk how


This should be moved to meta since its a talk about forums


Only moderators can. At least I think so…


Just changed it to meta category.


So I created this chat for staff members to talk about my server and improvements etc. I typed the wrong username when adding someone so I want to remove them but it doesn’t work


You could create a new one and leave them out of it.


True, but shouldn’t there be a way to remove someone? The current add or remove button doesn’t work, so i wanted to know if I was using it wrong or something?


Just looked, dont think you can remove someone from a PM. They have to remove themselves.


How do they do that? So I can explain to them


They need to click the Add or Remove at the top of the PM and click on the X next to their name.



K thank you very much! I’ll make sure they do that :slight_smile:


Happy to help. :smiley: