Removing the Blocks from Blockheads


You guys are all probably wondering why would somebody ever do that. Well, I was thinking and I think CIRCLES could be a lot better. Circle face, circle dirt, circle house. The possibilities are endless. AND we would finally have a realistic sun. I mean it gives it more of a realistic feel. It could get Blockheads thriving again. So many games already have blocks in it. One of them I will not say the name of it but it rhymes with shminecraft. There were many people playing it when it came out and there still are many people playing. Why? It was the first of its kind. If Blockheads removed the blocks and added circles. It would be the first of its kind too. BAM. Then Blockheads, I mean Circleheads, would blow up bigger than before.

v wow I was not expecting that much replies. This was an Aprils Fool joke.


But then Dave would have to totally reprogram, which is time-consuming, and he is currently working on Sapiens


Not necessarily. He could give us the script to edit. If we all came together and did it at the same time we could get it done it in no time.


I don’t think that Dave would make the blockheads open source.


it was a maybe, but STILL



Is this a joke, or is this actually serious?


If he made it open source, people could possibly create servers for free :confused:
And that would cost him money


WAIT to get edit permissions, you have to pay money


What kind of suggestion is this?

We need pentagons!


Yeah :man_facepalming: We need blocks :expressionless:


No, we need triangles rhombicosidodecahedrons


If you can’t reply with courtesy, please don’t reply. I’m deleting your post.

@Lava_ninja_2048: with a free server app?


No, like people could reproram for credit to be free


Oh right. But he wouldn’t open source a game that has overheads. It would be after the cloud platform was retired, so it would be a non-issue.


Yeah ok


It was sarcasm.


This idea exists, it’s sapiens!
Basically blockheads but with polygons and extra steps lol.


I think it should be triangles or ovals


Nah it should definitely be rhombicosidodecahedrons


Better idea: remove the blockheads from blockheads