Removing the TC

I heard TC is getting removed because of the pirating.
I wanted to know, what will be used now for speeding up the process of crafting? Just ads?
I would also like to know what is going to happen when you want to create an item that formerly involved TC.

Sorry if I might be bringing up an old post.

This is true.

No, you are not bringing up an old topic. It’s fine.


Lol me either

I feel like too many people are getting confused.
Just about a week ago a person was saying
“BREAKING NEWS: It will cose 3 dollars a month to play multiplayer on the blockheads!”
There was two things wrong about that.

  1. It isn’t breaking news everyone knows about it.
  2. It will only cost 3 dollars to just run a server. Not to play any multiplayer server.

$2.99 :joy:

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somedays when i’m tired, I think of making a trash server in 1.7

Then I realize, there are servers that need that credit more than my trash server

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TC causes most problems in blockheads. It would be a good idea to remove it and re-code a new algorithym of time currency.

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I wouldn’t say most problems.

Well, a root problem for sure. It all works like dominoes, robbing Dave of his money.

TC > pirating > cloud pirating > loss of money > slower development (?) > less updates, as time is needed to fix this > complaints > more glitches arise > dupe glitches arise / found > community

Of course, this is an all example. I agree it’s not most though, just a cause.


I have question what if hacker can add credit without buy tho with real money they just using hacks? It propably cause problem again…

If they are using iOS, Apple gets a fraction of the IAP, so they will essentially be stealing from Apple Inc. as well as dave. I am pretty sure Apple can prosecute (and win). It would be stupid in my opinion to even try to do such a thing.

I assume the same would go for Google and Amazon.

I want tc uses increased, not decreased. ._.

Yeah. Hacking isn’t required tho. Just jail breaking your phone gives u access to ways to do that. Although the fact is still the same. Faking iaps is illegal and can get you into serious trouble. It’s illegal to use tc safes too. The main difference is there is very little ways to tell who is doing it and Dave is nicer then the apple ceo would be to someone doing this. But he shouldn’t have to worry about that. We all owe it to Dave to not pirate tc, if for nothing more then he has been good to us

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I believe an infamous hacker on this forums has once said on Discord that he could get credit for servers in 1.7 (no clue how). I’m not sure if it was bluff though, since TBH is online? Credit is linked to the cloud servers, yes? Or server end, so I don’t think it’s possible (?). But that’s just my 2 copper.

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By buying it…

Unless you mean by hacking, lol.

Maybe IAP piracy or messing with the cloud, I would guess IAP piracy. Hopefully whoever does it or tries, gets caught.


Haha, yeah, that’s what I mean :sweat_smile:

Well, whatever it is, hopefully it doesn’t get discovered (or used at all!)

If we got to this point, and it became a problem, I think either Dave would need to make a security system for his game to prevent players from bypassing IAPs, or Apple, Google, Amazon, etc. will need to file lawsuits or make patches for their own developer APIs.