Rename Bugs & Glitches to Bugs & Glitches: Apple iOS

I think there should be some distinct link to where to put a bug or glitch if you are an andrioid or iOS user. A lot may not know what category to put it into if they have anything android and instead they put it in Bugs & glitches. So I think there should be a way to tell, just by adding Apple iOS to it so people can know whether it is for iOS or Android.

I know this could not be necessary, but I am just suggesting it regardless.

Some glitches/bugs are present on both platforms. In that case, the topic should belong in bugs and glitches rather than the android counterpart (and definitely not both).

Renaming #bugs-glitches to “Bugs-glitches: Apple iOS” will kinda make it confusing to post a bug known to be found on both platforms unless a third category is made. (which seems kinda unnecessary)

I believe the reason why #bugs-glitches does not specify Apple devices is because if a bug exists on Apple, it will most likely be ported to the Android version as well, and signifies that the bug exists in the game code itself (and is not noodlecake’s fault). #bugs-glitches is list of bugs in the game code which dave can easily refer to and address accordingly :slight_smile:

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What Ray said.