Renovating and upgrading my old world!

Day 1

Hey everyone! I’m going to be showing the progress of renovating my old world from like 2018! I have a stone tool bench a metal workbench a level three and all basic benches. I have a skirt and hat of warmth and 2 blockheads. Very little ores and tools. Here’s my crusty old base: image

Day 2 holy crap I found a cave troll!! This is my first time!!! He ran towards me so I hid. Any advice of how to take it out or trap it? Is it normal for a trade portal to spawn there?
I got an iron pic too but who cares
UPDATE: he has been contained. Not before giving me a beat down :face_with_head_bandage:
What a lucky day!!! Diamonds and platinum
Diamond was so bright BH had to look away.
Two TC blocks as well


wow looks nice! I like it :wink:

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I :heart: dirt

I thought it was a hill at first… :lol:

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I excavated the farms down below to make space for expansion. Upgraded tool bench to iron.


Oh dear god they can climb

wow cool i never seen platnium and diamond

Me too! First time I’ve seen platinum ore in the wild! I’m not gonna mine it