Renovating servers?

So I help owner maintain a server.
I’m the only other admin there and know that it hasn’t been opened for a few months.

I know that many of our regulars for centuries past, will probably never return or assume that if anyone does comes back, it would only be one or two.

What do I do?

I have considered just leaving it as it is and redecorate spawn and make it bigger. Break down or renovate some of the buildings.

Clean up the server of holes, water, randomly placed items and incomplete builds.

Or inquire to the server owner (thats if he still logs on, he’s just a young teen, might need to concentrate on school) if he simply wants to continue, delete or restart a new server instead. (Currently Awaiting reply from the young master, since I reopened the server)

I only started the game again because I got a new phone with a bigger screen and better processing power. And I’m developing and completing breeding branches in a vanilla world.

I got 29 days for the online world.

Try to clean up any holes first.

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I’d be down to help with the server if that’s what you choose to do! @ElTaPa My discord is SUHxMUZZLE#2839

I wouldn’t put any time or resources into a world with an inactive owner. Most heartbreak from my job is sending “co-owners” away because they aren’t co-owners at all, and have no rights over “their” worlds.

oh we are definitely co-owner in a sense. Before I saw that world, I was a patron that did some trades together in a mutual world, then I became a supplier of resources as he was saying that he was building his own world. I was the first person to come over to that world. Spawn was cute but I when and tried a couple of designs for it. Made benches, extra floors and a working farm. This was all to benefit beginner BH that came in.

Plenty of people were pretty nice. I didn’t know exactly what would go into a server, until I saw bases appear. Then shops and hotels. I was given free choice to do whatever I wanted but I told the owner I would still give names to those he might approve for moderator and heard he might get another Admin.

Actually, if you remember, he asked you about transferring ownership. I still am not sure about owning my own server.

I have had so many thousands of queries about ownership I don’t remember the individual queries, sorry.

Don’t worry about it. I wasn’t looking own a server.

I was just asking around to see what people might have done on their servers or servers they help out with.