(REOPENED) Towering Blocks - Cloud Server

Welcome to Towering Blocks!
Towering Blocks is a custom rules 16x cloud server created on January 1st, 2017. After running out of credit and laying dormant for 11 months, it is officially back! Right now the server only has 30 days of credit; more would be appreciated.
In this server, you have the choice to become a poor blockhead, living in the caves, or a rich blockhead living in the clouds. This server is primarily an economy server.
Near spawn, we have a crafting station, a shopping center, a hotel, a cafe, and more to come soon!

  1. Be respectful to other players.
  2. Don’t steal!
  3. Please don’t build out of stone unless it’s far away from spawn.
  4. No inappropriate content!
  5. Please don’t ask for admin or mod, you will get it if I trust you.
  6. Even if the plot does not have a protection sign, no griefing!
  7. If you destroy a tree, please replant it!
    Have fun!

Rewritten on July 9th, 2019
Our Discord server
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I will check it out!

Seems nice!

I’ll check it out!

I’m online right now btw


You can try searching for it! The join link might be broken.
The join link is fixed now!

You seem to have double posted, try not to do that! Instead, edit your message by clicking on the pencil icon. :slight_smile:

And hey, it seems as if this server has some potential! Looks great! Nice work. :wink:

Interesting concept!

update: more plots coming in 1.7

The server has reopened, rules have been rewritten, protection signs have been tidied up to reduce lag, and some buildings are being revamped. Have fun!