Repair mode icon/button


Yeah, i think this needs to be added because I think I am getting annoyed with having to type it in every time.

I am thinking it would appear by the tc button like this. :slightly_smiling_face:

The red indicates where it could be placed.

I am thinking it would just say “Repair mode” on the button and once tapped it would turn repair mode on or off.

This would replace the command so you do not need to type in the command every time in chat, just to save a few seconds of your life if you are busy :slight_smile:


Create a shortcut on your device for it. For example, I type”/r” and my device automagically changes it to “/reset-owner”.


Although that may work sometime later or too I may forget due to my bad memory.


@Joe ‘s idea is good. Try it for a little bit and see if it works out.