Repair Mode not working on Natural Limestone or Marble


Decided to clear an area that has multiple sky islands using repair mode. For some reason, it is not working at all on natural limestone or marble. Works fine on dirt. Odd.

Anyone else experiencing the same?


Limestone and marble count as an un-mined stone. so this isn’t really a bug


Yeah, that’s the way Dave intended it I believe. /repair will actually fix a partially mined natural stone/limestone block and make it whole again. I liked that because I had a bunch of accidental taps on limestone that was makin it look messy.



Besides, repair mode is for fixing bugs with blocks, not for clearing water and clearing areas.

maybe with some exceptions


Yes. This was the first time I tried seeing if I could clear with that function. During Beta, I only fixed glitched areas or restored blocks that were tapped accidentally as you mention, Jem.

Must have missed that description. Thanks for the note.

False glitch report.