why cant you use /repair on hosted world?


It is a way to cheat, technically, meaning it can be used to dig for no tool.

It’s meant to be used for glitches, and it is unlikely that a hacker would join your single player.


a hacker visited my hosted server and hacked workbenches


Hosted world? You can’t just give a hacker your Wi-Fi password so he can access LAN servers. I guess he’s a Wi-Fi hacker.

For reals though, how can a hacker join a SP world?


Do you have images?


When he is in the same wifi and you host your SP world. Usually that is a sibling or a friend.


Port forwarding?


pineaple2017 is my brother?


Wait pineapple hax?


No it means blocky2018 and pineaple2017 are brothers and ofc they can share with WiFi to be connected. Is wifi for one person only I believe its for family and want solo wifi? Use data :slight_smile:


no he doesnt hack and if he could he says he wants to hack away all free tc