Reporting griefer

Hay mills I seen a lot of bad hacker who took someone wolrd can you please dm me about it someone hack this dude wolrd I am co owner and the hacker change it into a custom wolrd and the owner of the wolrd whated it to go back how it was (idk how to dm/pm people because I’ve been offline for so long I forgot how work the blockhead found o.o @milla also maybe you can tell me how to dm/pm people….

Oh, are you not able to send her a private message?

Idk how to XD AI been offline for so long also why did my thing get flag as inappropriate XD

Here is a topic that you might find helpful. :slight_smile:

Watch this video for more information.

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Not sure if owner portal is robust against failed attempts (blocking after a number of failed attempts). If not then a week password can allow brute force attack and stealing of server owner credentials.

I’ve read (on discord for a known blockheads server) there are no real hacker playing blockheads, apparently there are modder using a jailbreak tool to modify the behavior of the game.

If a real network hacker existed an alternative attack vector is having a level of access to server hosting network or the owner local network, and sniffing passwords on network since it is http and not https.

Every problem has a solution, some are just to expensive for the problem at hand…

Good luck recovering you Allegedly co owned server.

Yeah, it isn’t robust. :frowning:

my post been flag do you know what rule my post brake? it was me just asking a question XD this the 2nd time it been flag XD

From the FAQ?

Ah ok

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