Reporting racism, bullying, hate, or anything else that's not permitted on our systems

These things should be reported to me directly in a private message. The sharing of obscene, hateful, or threatening content on our open forums is in direct beach of out content policies, and entirely unacceptable, as is naming and shaming. Anyone else engaging in this on these forums today will be an instant one month ban.

I know you’ve been fired up by one user, who has broken our community rules, and I totally get it. I’m very strongly supportive of anti-hate movements, particularly those protecting those whose privilege is lower than it should be, but this is not a political forum. Nor is it a place to air your personal opinions about anything in a soapbox/rabble-rousing manner. This is a business site provided as an interface for our customers to engage with one another about our game.


Will you pin this topic?


Okay, I’ve pinned it for a month.




If you feel that way, then bye. Good luck with your future.


Also i realised one of the forums rules was “no discussion of sexuality gender orientation etc” @milla have i been breaking the rules in my past 200 posts? And my profile? :grimacing::zipper_mouth_face:(Im only asking so i know what to do and what not to do…)
AAAAAAA i just double posted :pensive:
Sorry milla

I just find it interesting that we can’t talk about sexuality.


I think it’s a good idea for me to read the forums rules again.
@JESUISMANUEL i think the main reason why we dont discuss politics here is because, even if someone like you posts something we should be aware of, this is a forum so people will post “their opinion” not necessarily what should be said. The whole point of the forums is for people to post their opinions, so if there is a political topic someone might post their racist opinion and that will upset someone.
I think milla doesnt want anyone to be upset and that’s why she made that rule. I don’t think she is getting rid of that post bc it was about blm.


I’ve been watching it very carefully. So far it hasn’t resulted in the soapboxing that has happened in the last 24 hours so I’m permitting it. Any sign of grandstanding and rabble-rousing, and I will bar that also. I did the same about duping. Trialled permitting it to see how it worked out. If this user had not come in hot with rants and grandstanding about this I would have responded the same way as I did with your posts. Unfortunately, this user is not community minded in this sense and opted to open his discussions with anger, ranting, and standing on a soap box, which is not cool.


Thanks Milla

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FYI “Freedom of Speech” is not applicable to any non-government organizations. Freedom of speech is designed to ensure the government doesn’t take away citizens’ rights.

So what milla wants is the law in here.

It’s also amusing how you’re making alts to like your own posts :slight_smile:


@SHINI2IPAD (jesuismanuel)

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I feel like this thread should be closed. Nothing useful is coming out of this.

Just to make this clear. I support Black Lives Matter. It is a social movement aimed at tackling police brutality in the US, and addresses a very real power differential that shouldn’t exist.

I am banning accounts that disregard to rules of this community and grandstand on topics that can perfectly well be discussed in a more rational way. Calm, respectful, unexaggerated discussion of controversial issues is being trialled, as has been noted regarding recent Pride discussions here, but any kind of over the top rhetoric will be shut down, no matter how good the cause. It’s not welcome here.

This post constitutes my permission to discuss BLM and other race-related issues, but not as has been seen today. Stick to respectfully exchanging thoughts, without exaggeration or over-the-top rhetoric. Any sign of debate becoming discourteous or angry and I will shut it down.


So certain “controversial topics” (as listed in I think the FAQ) are allowed provided there is no over-the-top-ness?
Is there a way, perhaps, to compile which ones are currently in this trial state and which aren’t?

Just curious. (also unofficial introduction update time, w00t)

Any of it. I feel like the size of this community these days makes it more manageable, as we are operating in a more intimate way these days. I’m trying to relax the rules, since a smaller group like this better suits a less law-driven approach. I want people to just know that they’re needing to maintain the mood and atmosphere, but don’t need to be bound by all these edicts from me. It is my preferred method of community management, but doesn’t really work with big groups of people :slight_smile: