Request for those reporting worlds or players to me


I was wondering if those reporting worlds or players to me could identify who/what they are reporting and why in the title of their PMs to me, and stick to one report per PM, please.

A few examples might be:

PLINK was bullying AROHANUI on Rabbithole
Pixmilla permits people to be abusive - MAJICMILLA was horrible to me there
BADGERSHISPERER was dating STILTRAT on Badger’s Place

I get a lot of people either using one thread for all reports or just not putting informative information in the title of their PMs, and it means I have to open and read every single PM called “report” or similar to try and find particular reports. When people come to me asking why their world is set to private I like to be able to say that I’ve had complaints about this and that, but it’s hard to find sometimes. It also simplifies things when I get a bunch of reports about the same thing, if I can ID which are about what.

I’d really appreciate the help.


So this is like the suggestion thing? Where you can’t just title it “suggestion 1?” Seems reasonable enough


I’ll keep this as a bookmark, but I should really start being informative.

Usually after you reply to a report I just remove the nasty image because I do not want it around anymore.


I wish you wouldn’t. It’s nice to have them to refer to if I need to.

@DOG_LOVER Yes, exactly - I get a bunch of messages a day, and most of the time I have no idea what’s in them until I open them. Searching is a bit weird, as it gives stacks of false positives.


Expect a lot of PMs at one time then :eyes:


Hyness, you can archive those types of message threads and then they won’t be glaring at you in your inbox. That might be one alternative.


That’s the idea. I already get a fair few. I can’t always deal with them all as I get them, so people are used to sometimes having to wait :slight_smile: