Requested by mumbo, lunch update DLT

This is like a BLT but not. Instead of a bacon lettuce tomato it’s a dodo lettuce tomato. Lettuce is a new addition found in fields. Needs: one tomato, one bread, one lettuce, and two cooked dodo meat. Put these together on electric stove for two minutes. And boom! Properties are half hunger and half energy considered how long this would take to make I thinks it’s balanced.
Oh and by the way can Dave look at my pancakes idea. I know he won’t add it but like it would be cool to have him see it


Don’t think he checks this often…

What about dinner? :wink:

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Wait this is actually really interesting…

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Most items are already dinner like the stew and stuff

Regardless, I’d still like to see you make a separate topic for dinner suggestions. That would be really cool.

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I’ll make it happen :tongue:

I’m concerned if this forums is going to turn into a food forum

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Or a @BeakBoi20 community?


Lmao my posts are taking over. BeakBoi20 forums


In SI I had CFD Kentucky fried dodo. I copied it from Skeeve’s server SGE.

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