Reverse Shops or Barter Shops

I dont know if this has been suggested or not but

I would like to add a suggestion that the game should have a reverse shop: a shop where instead of spending coins to get an item, you give an item to receive coins. This exchange where u trade an item for coins has already been made possible with the trade portal but, I think that having a shop that can do the same thing encourages more player interactions and trade than just relying on a trade portal. This would be a great addition for server focused more on an economic gameplay.

Another thing I suggest would be an addition of a barter shop. For this, u trade in an item for a different item instead of receiving coins like a normal shop. The reason why I feel this should be added to the game is that based on my experiences, players conduct this kind of trade on PvP servers. The problem is that on those servers there would be a third party (like me for example :stuck_out_tongue:) who would use that opportunity to attack and disrupt the exchange. Another problem is that one of the participants of the said trade could double cross the other by not giving the item he or she promised to trade.


Wow! I totally agreed with barter shop!

But reverse shop sounds like people have to buy and you “manufacture” them like companies…

This actually my #1 request in the upcoming update, the one thing I want the most.

I would quadruple like this if I could. Perfect for economy servers where you give people jobs to provide resources. You would only need to set up the shops providing the “pay” for whatever they are making. You no longer need to be on the server at the same time.


Then more of you should be liking the OP!


Did I get the reverse shop correct? You build a shop and put coins in. Then someone else can exchange an item for those coins? I like it. Do you set price and item?
I also like the barter shop, do you also set the item you want?

Seems to me its like this:

  • If I have a reverse shop, someone else puts in an item and I give coins for it
  • If someone else has a shop, someone else puts in an item and I give coins for it

I fail to see a difference.

Barter (trade) shop sounds nice though. However I like that you have to show trust to a player to trade… or not.

The difference is in the order - with a reverse shop you are making a commitment to buy the item asked for in the shop. For example, if you knew you needed oil you could put down a reverse shop buying oil, and even if someone didn’t have oil right then, they could go and mine for oil with the promise of payment when they are done - even if you aren’t online.

If they put it into their own shop - who knows when or if someone would buy it?


Yes in a reverse shop, if it wasn’t clear in the OP, you place a shop with a price but NO items. You merely pick which items you WANT. Then other players deposit the items you request in exchange for money that the shop dispenses, until it’s out of money.

You could pull off the equivalent of an auction house by have multiple players place reverse shops each with what they are willing to pay for a certain item. The “seller” in this case chooses the buyer with the highest offer and his item goes into that shop.

I think this idea alone would spur me to start a new full blown economy server with no TP. Skylands Market :slight_smile:


100 likes from meeee!

Great idea. Would also be a great remedy for people asking for work when they join a server. They could look for these reverse shops, see what people need and go out and mine/dig/craft for money.

Good point Erick, however I like the Barter Shop idea too. It allows players who don’t have much money on hand but do have inventory to acquire needed supplies without paying out coins. Maybe, for PVP servers, to preserve the trust piece that I agree is deeply woven into It, there could be some kind of limitation set on the number of shops available per server or per player? Maybe only one shop per player and only one or two items at a time? Could be a setting in custom worlds? In a vanilla world, just posted rules could control the volume in the same way PCs and TPs are controlled: violators can be banned.

Reverse shops are a great idea for servers where access to a TP is supposed to be difficult. Of course on those kinds of servers the volume and usage would then need limits & guidelines too.

Since TPs can give coins for items as well as a shop, maybe reverse shops should be for items you can’t buy or sell on a TP, gem picks, golden beds, mixed paints, benches … like, ohhhh…67 Electric Furnaces??? :joy:

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could you not accomplish a barter trade by using a combination of a normal shop and a reverse shop?

Let’s say I have a handcar and I want to trade it for a steel pick. I place a reverse shop, buying steel picks for 10 GC. Next to it, I place a normal shop selling my handcar for 10GC. Does that still rely on too much honesty? Someone might just come buy your handcar for 10 GC and not sell you the pick you’re after.

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“dont know if this has been suggested or not but I would like to add a suggestion that the game should have a reverse shop” absolutely right @ [Reverse Shops or Barter Shops]


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