Ricebowl is now Open!

You may have seen ricebowl official Trailer of YouTube, but now It’s on the Forums! We are looking for people in the amazing community(That’s you!) to come and join! Best server in the Blockheads since Game Land! The theme is - yes, bowls of rice! Just to know -

No Making the server NOT fun! Please Don’t do this! As well, Do not Ask for admin and mod! Don’t swear unless VERY MILD!
Anyways that’s it! Here’s a join link: http://theblockheads.net/join.php?id=dfd8387b3124bbe09d25f83f7f5aed13&name=RICEBOWL

What are the rules?

You should include as much detail as possible about the server, so ppl know what it is

What is the theme of the server?

Your first post in the world thread should contain the rules, theme, and any other information that players might wish to take into account when deciding to play on it.


It’s A bowl of rice (^¿^)