Riding a cave troll!


Today I tamed a cave troll! It was easy, I just sitting behind a wall with one block gap, meditating, and giving a gold coin once in a while. For everyone that’s wondering how it looks like to ride a troll, here you go:

Piggy back ride! :lol:

I’ve got a question; is it possible to breed cave trolls?


This could really go in pictures (I moved) or perhaps questions since you are asking a question too :slight_smile: Nice job! What’s it’s name?


What did you feed him?


Piggy back rides are fun. Even if it’s in his cell :joy:


Yeah, I didn’t know if it should be pictures, questions, or general discussion, because I was showing pictures and asking a question. This is fine, though.

It’s name is Ymer.

@WumboJumbo I fed him gold coins.

@Ge0rgie Yeah, it is! I am going to build a bigger house for him, pictures will come later!

Aww, you can’t cage a cave troll? Do I have to ride on him all the way back?


Just be glad you can ride him all the way back. My troll was caught before the update so I had to make it follow me all the way home


That’s cool…
Can it swim?


Yes, they can swim.


Can you feed cave trolls using a feeder chest? :joy:


This is… awesome!
Goes off to tame 5 cave trolls
On another note, is it possible to breed trolls?


No, you still can’t breed trolls.


very nice!! thanks for sharing pics :slight_smile:


Can cave trolls go up and down when there tamed?