Rip Donke

I was riding my donkey I kidnapped from a village and I was riding down a mountain and I saw that he could make it quite far down without fall damage. I was growing impatient from slowly going down the mountain and I decided to take a big leap. Now this was a big jump from like 250 to 300 blocks or something. I tilted my iPad swiped up and made the jump. We made it quite far down the mountain until we landed where… he died. He died between my legs from the impact. I was plopped on the ground as he despawned. RIP donke thank you for saving me three minutes to climb down a mountain. :cry:


Did you build the village?

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No in kingdom wars I legit just caged it

can we get an f in the chat for donke

F :arrrrgh:

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F :bouquet: :coffin:

I miss when donkeys didn’t take fall damage—I can never leap off sky islands anymore. :cry:

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Well then, good news! Come to stiltsville and land them in the ocean from sky islands!


Oh man this must hurt the blockhead between his legs a lot more then it hurts the donkey :cry:

Just get a unicorn :roll_eyes: