Roller coasters


I originally planned for this to be an amusement park suggestion. but i believe that would be a little bit too big and tedious. so i stripped the text and made it into what it is now.

Now to actually craft a roller coaster you will need 6 steel blocks, 4 train wheels and 2 iron ingots for something to hold onto. this will give you a car for the roller coaster so you can actually ride it.

To craft the pulley track will require 10 rail, 10 wood, 10 wire, 10 chains (crafted with 3 steel ingots for 5 chains), 1 steel block and an engine. you will get 1 of these which can be adjusted like ownership signs but will have a maximum height of 61 and a maximum width of 61

The area you placed it at will have an engine inside the block so it can push the chains way up for the roller coaster.

To turn the roller coaster around you will just need a turn-around track crafted with 5 rails and 3 wood. this will give you one turn-around track

To craft the track you will need 5 rails and 4 wood, this will give you a track that you can adjust up or down but can not adjust its height or width.

Roller coasters also need a station to park at so you will need 5 wood, a fence gate, a control panel crafted with 10 wires, 1 steel block and buttons. buttons can be crafted with 1 iron ingot in the metalwork bench for one button.

This will allow you to let the roller coaster leave the area and begin its journey.

In the station you will also have complete access to how fast the motors and how fast the roller coaster can actually go.

The normal speed will be faster then a handcar when going down a hill. it pull the blockhead(s) fast when going down the hill. please also note that if your roller coaster isn’t built properly it will get stuck.

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Or it could be like terraria and have 1 iron for ten chains