Ronnie's warehouse


I lost my supplies to the stupid glitch that randomly renames a world and turns it to custom. So I can no longer bring the items from my warehouse world to any other world. Dozens of fully upgraded trade portals, pole items, jetpacks - all useless :cry:.
So I decided to start a new warehouse on an existing 1/16 world that already had a portal chest.
Here is the humble beginning. I will post more picture as I slowly progress with this project (playing on expert worlds takes most of my play time :slightly_smiling_face:)


you just walked the prank :laughing::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


Unfortunately it’s custom now. It took the name and all settings of Skeeve’s Exile


Sorry that happened to you. I hope that this glitch will be fixed in a future update. I’ve already lost a developed vanilla world to that glitch, and I’ve been avoiding most multiplayer worlds in fear of losing another. What I’ve noticed is that so long you don’t switch between worlds too quickly, the glitch shouldn’t happen. However, because it’s a glitch, this isn’t a guarantee.
I’m looking forward to seeing your storage though! I always like seeing how other players lay out their warehouses.


It has happened to me 3 times already, but fortunately it was a vanilla world that I joined when the error occurred. I now join a disposable single player world in between joining a cloud world when I visit my storage world.


I often keep very rare items in my portal chest. At least pole items respawn now so you don’t have to create a single player world each time.


Now it starts to look like a warehouse :slightly_smiling_face:


Yikes Ronnie, I’m sorry for your loss.
I’ve lost a vanilla 1.6 single player to this glitch, mine changed into an expert world. (I switched too fast between the worlds I guess) It also changed from x1, to a x4 size. I can also still use my portal chest on the 1.6 glitched SP. PHEW! I was able to transfere my bulk collections. (Which we’re mostly new pets and egg collections,but still!)

Your new base so far looks awesome, I can’t wait to see more as you fill it up :yum:


Oh no, Ronnie! That’s too bad! I also lost a vanilla SP world that way. Been meaning to post pics of it…it looks totally crazy now XD
Anyway, looking forward to seeing how your storage develops. I’m not too good with that so it should be really helpful for me ^-^


That must be awful. :anguished:


RIP! I also had this happen to me as well quite a while ago. I now have my world but I hope it never happens again


I have got at least one of all the basic benches I need. And the shelves are slowly filling🙂


Are u on a sp or multiplayer world?


Single Player


I am going to link this thread to the recent discussion on storage facilities so I thought I better add a recent screenshot


OK. I’ll admit that I was immediately lured to this thread because for some reason it sounded like shopping to me… (no real reason… maybe because there is a place called Shoe Warehouse (which I’ve never been to)).

I am SO SORRY about what happened to you. How frustrating! I had a similar issue (where I couldn’t access my closet SP server after 1.7 kicked in for some reason – I needed to move things slowly using local network from the original closet server to a new one on my newer device).

In any case, this warehouse looks fantastic.
(I wonder where the arc of the covenant is hidden.)


For a single player storage world, i would’ve had my “warehouse” so unorganized and messy.

Sucks about your older warehouse. Is there by chance an older thread about it? I would like to see it, or did it look exactly like this one?


There was no older thread but some pictures might be spread around as replies to other storage threads. Basically it looked the same but it was filled with more stuff :slightly_smiling_face:. These days a well equiped warehouse world is less important to me as I play on expert and custom servers.
I once tried to seperate the workshop from the storage and have a dedicated workshop world, too. But I gave up on that idea as it involves jumping between worlds too often if I do a crafting project.
And guys, thank y’all for your sympathy but this thread wasn’t made to complain about the loss of the old warehouse world. That was just the trigger to show pics of the new warehouse in progress.


It happened again! :weary::weary: A few minutes ago this world was randomly converted to custom, too.


Oh no! Has this bug been reported? Fixing it is a matter of urgency if it ruins people’s fun like this.