Ronnie's warehouse


Oof. Sorry to hear that.


Oh no! I usually keep rare/special items in my portal chest such as TC items, pole items, and jetpacks.


I feel so bad for you! Maybe you should report this to milla or even dave, since he’s the creator of the game


This anoying bug! I lost so many worlds to this!!!


Oh no! Very scary bug, Ronnie. I was reorganizing my closet world the other day and couldn’t stop thinking about this thread. Were you having connection problems or any lag when this happened? Did you store eggs or have any dodo farms on your server? And as someone mentioned above, did you report this in bugs/glitches?

@louz, I read that you lost a world to this as well. Very brave if you to put eggs on it. While I was putzing around on my SP closet, I thought that there was absolutely no way I would ever chance bringing eggs into that world. I suspect that bringing eggs and dodos onto a server can make it buggy (just from many issues I’ve experienced when dealing with stored eggs). Of course, that’s just my own theory and not anything substantiated. But I figure better safe than sorry.

@Ronnie Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you (anything you need)… that is, if you have the courage to try to make a Ronnie Warehouse #3. PM me if you need me to help restock you. Would be very happy to do it. :blush:


Oooooh Ronnie, that smarts! I’m sad to see you go through this again. :confounded:

@Thuthu, I didn’t transfer any eggs to my singleplayer before it corrupted, I had made myself the farms on that world to breed all my own collection of animals. I had been putting the eggs and tamed donkeys into wood shops, that’s something I don’t usually do is use the wooden shops on my single, I’m usually a chest and shelf user. I was at the time intending to take the egg filled shops to a server to be sold, once I had collected decent numbers to sell, but after the crash and corruption, I moved them to another single player and so far no more issues.
I’ve since then been moving (lower tear- dirt, compost, stone, sands, flint, coal, And all marble eggs) eggs in chests around servers (namely Nzima when I’m playing) without any crashes or lag, I thought maybe the bug had been looked at?


Hm. Possibly. I didn’t think that any modifications had been made on that front by Dave… but I could easily be wrong. You know as soon as I jump on your server… and get a few eggs… it’ll happen again. Perhaps I should stay off, just to insure your positive egg storing mojo.