Rotating the screen causes problems




Have you tried exiting out of the app completely then going back in?


You probably rotated your screen, it isn’t a bug.


If you rotate the screen, it should position itself to look correct. I would say its a bug.


Renamed the thread to follow guidelines from #meta, also moved to #bugs-glitches-android as it appears you have an Android device.


Could you be a little more informative about the bug please?


No if I’m in landscape mode confirming menu’s glitch to the side


there use to be a rotating problem for iOS but I dunno about android that much


I’ve tried this on a few devices and haven’t been able to reproduce the problem you’re seeing.


@enderleader whats ur
Game: The Blockheads (androind) 1.7
Version: ?
Hardware model: ?
Platform: ?
Device version: ?

Sorry I asked some few question so we can defined which devices are getting bugs like what happened to you. Thanks!


Game: the blockheads (Android) 1.7
Hardware model: blackberry dtek 50
device version: STH 100-1
android version: 6.0.1


This always happened in IOS. And isn’t fixed in 1.7. It’s been bugging me since I’ve played this game.


Mine is doing the same thing on my LG XPower. Must be a glitch.