Royal City & Mall Spoilers!


Hey!:cheerful: Here I show you some pics of my future server!! :smiley:

It will be mall themed :3 (Everyone can build a store)


Rentable factories! (People will be able to rent them so they can have a space to place their benches and make products!):

Closer look to factories: (Btw factories were built by the beautiful Nyanko _)

Place for stores! People will have a space of 30x30 to build their stores

Floating islands will be all protected because over there people can build their houses if they don’t wanna live in their store or in their factory. I am thinking about making a free build area… But I’m not sure where and how.

And we found a cave troll! :open_mouth: We will need an admin to move it to spawn though…

It’s still in construction so you still can’t join :3 If you have any suggestions or questions just ask me! I’m posting the rules and everything when we finish the server! (At its future thread at multiplayer section) Well hope you like it! :slight_smile:


:o Can I build a Clothes&GO there?


Of course! :o You can join before grand opening if you want :slight_smile: Just tell me when!


Thanks Imperials! I will start dying more clothes :smiley:
What do you think about the type of gem tree in the lobby?
I made a poll: Vote for your favorite gem tree!


Oh, this looks fun…I might like to join & build a lil store :slight_smile:


I voted :3

Thank you! It’s not open yet but it will be soon! :wink:


A gem tree in the lobby? How?


He has a technique that you will know when the server opens :3


I really wanna go to this server, it looks fun and I LOVE shopping!!!

And making shops :stuck_out_tongue:


I love shopping too! That’s why I making this server :3 I also wanna have my own fashion store when I grow up, so I love making this server :wink:

Server will be probably released next week! Stay tuned!


Yay! I joined too. :slight_smile: Can’t wait for public release!


Toad, do you wanna reserve your shop spot? First one is reserved for my sister :3 So you can reserve second! Or do won’t build your shop?


I’ll get the second :smiley: I will be building a Toast Cafe.


Yay a cafe :3


Everything looks so great!~~ <3 can I make a paint shop?

Look at all this paint :0 I would love to sell some so everyone could paint their shops n home :slight_smile:


Of course!!! Take the third spot <3


Can anybody get on? feeling lonely


Yay!!~ I’ll see you there once the wifi gets better cause it’s horrible right now!!~


Oh wow! Is it public? I wanna build a store there!
Ill build a hmm…

Toolmaker maybe?i forgot the name!

I like to make tools actually

I can make titanium tools,gold tools,bronze tools,and gems pickaxe!

Well you can pm me about it i would love to join!


It will be public next week, well maybe at Sunday ^^ Once I make its formal thread at the multiplayer sub forum :smiley: