Royal City & Mall Spoilers!


Awesome! :wink:


Thank you! :3


i wonder if i could be whitelisted?XD
i dont have time next week cause i have 8 exams (2 per day)
oh well


I don’t think it’s whitelisted, it just has a password for now.


Oh! Thanks for the information!


WAit… I didn’t notice this. Sorry imperials :3

BTW nice banner


Lol it’s ok :3 If you want you can choose one shop spot and start building your shop :wink:


Ok, so now that the server is opened, I think you should post a topic for it in the multiplayer section.


Done :3


I plan on joining as Lon as I get to shop hehehe and how much will the store building areas cost???:confused:


Right now they are free :lol: For the forums users only!! :3
Check out the main thread at multiplayer sub forum for more info about the server :slight_smile:


your servers are always nice because you make good use of the paintings.


:wink: I try!


:smiley: doin a good job so far.


waiiiiit. Is this server open yet?

Edit: Nevermind, i saw the thread


We need some more photos of this server! :3


Well yeah, I guess…


Hello! Can I join the server? What name is it? Sorry I don’t quite pay attention to things. If I can, can I make a food store? Or a supermarket? Or is it already taken?


I think this server is dead.