RTL Characters in Chat


Look at the last person in the /players list. Then look at his message in chat.

It’s hard for me to explain it without just saying “the text it backwards,” so here are a few statements from @abcboy and @jemnidad:

Since he typed in Arabic characters and his username has no direction, that’s what I would expect from most libraries with RTL handling -abcboy

His username has no LTR characters -abcboy

proper handling would probably be to keep the username on the left side but reverse the text content, no? -jemni

Also, here’s a link that I had to look up to even know what “RTL” characters are: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-to-left


Here is a better image:image

This “bug” happens because Arabic is written from right to left. I’m happy to Dave added this. :slight_smile: This is not a bug. This is no bug. This is cultural appreciation, we are moving forward to a future with no racism. :smiley:


Are you sure Dave added this intentionally? I wouldn’t put words in his mouth.

Interesting Porky, maybe I’ll try this and see if it works with Hebrew.


It won’t always work, since the characters in his name have no direction.


What if someone else made their username as 2)3))&)&)4? You wouldn’t be able to know the difference if you needed to IP ban one of them.



Look at the difference. You can read it from right to left after my name just the same as you can read it before my name. (Also, the parenthesis are backwards. My name was (234(, but it changed to )234).)

@anon85547976 look at the names again, please. “RTL” means “right to left.” I know that Arabic, Hebrew, etcetera are written from right to left. The bug is that everything in the message is backwards, including the name.


theres a character that will ake you type right to left!
its this => before the oof


Try it!


copy this

its in the quote


does it have to do with the line symbol??


What do you mean?


the character that acts like a separator from the name and the ip,kinda like l



lol what?
I was wondering if that guy gets banned what will happen tho
edit: ayyyyy its pizza builder pic aka Brer himself xD


That is my pizza builder pic in the rtl photo I posted. :sunglasses:


i cant seem to join with an Arabic name tho,not even write in Arabic,on iPad 2 at least


then how could they do it??
I cant even change the keyboard to Arabic

EDIT:now i get it they send a chat in Arabic,and the username and the message is upside down (leftside right??lol)
EDIT:it only works for numbers names,that’s why