Ruby Backwall Spot

How do I fix this?

Does /repair not work?

It hasn’t, no.

Maybe place and remove a block over the area?

I can’t tell what the issue is. Can you please give more information?

I could be wrong but I assumed this

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Lighting has many issues in 1.7 :confused: I would try using brighter lights instead of the torches and see if it lights up the area better.

Where are the rubies though?


gone, that’s the problem

i think that lighting is because of both the torches and the rubies but i can’t say for sure, that’s what it looks like but i don’t know my eyes are going

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The rubies are on top of the ruby back wall. The ruby back wall lets in some sunlight, which dilutes the red color from the rubies. Since the limestone doesn’t let it in and the torches are dim, that’s why the red-ness is there.


I think Porky has the right idea. Whenever I have weird lighting issues, I remove ALL the light sources and see if there are still light anomalies. One main example I always find, is when you remove a block under water. It creates a light “ghost” that shines and appears when you zoom out, even though there is no light source. Placing blocks on these spaces usually clears those up, so that’s what I would try. The anomaly is probably not coming from a space you think it is, so you might have to nearly fill that area with blocks and then remove them.

If that doesn’t fix it, then it is indeed a legit effect of the ruby backwall light interacting with the torchlight and limestone.