Rules for posting in Multiplayer [READ BEFORE POSTING]


**Rules for posting: **

1) If you have been banned from a server, it’s best to message the server owner privately by searching for the in the member list and sending a private message to their profile.

Please be kind and respectful when messaging server admins.

If the world concerned is not listed here, probably meaning the owner doesn’t have an account, then you may post a new thread about your ban. Please remain courteous and respectful in your post, as per the rules of this community.

2) If you are looking for a server, you can search the multiplayer forum.

It’s best to search extensively before posting a thread requesting a server to join.

3) If you are looking to get whitelisted on a cloud world post your in-game name in the world’s thread. If it’s on a Mac-hosted worl be sure to privately message the admin of the server you want to join with your in game name.

4) Posting your server:
• Start a new thread. Begin your topic with “Server world:” or “Cloud world:”. After that you can put your world’s name or IP and port.
• One thread per world. Duplicates may be merged or closed.
• Include in your post what time (and what timezone) you intend to be running the server for, or if you’re running 24/7
• The OP of your thread should include details of the world, such as rules, theme, features, staff, etc.
• One world per thread, please.
• Owners may double post when a needful information update is in question.

**FAQ: **

**Q:**How can I host a server?
You can learn how to start your own server here:

**Q:**How can I find out my IP address?
There are many sites you can go to to find out, but probably the simplest way is to just Google: “What is my IP”.

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Reserved space.


isnt there already a sticky thread for this?


I was asked to update the thread.


I have updated the OP with a change to the Thread naming convention. If people could please specify which type of world theirs is, cloud or server, that would be great, thanks. If your thread needs a name change please post in your thread requesting the change and I will make it.

World thread titles should now begin with “Cloud world” or “Server world”.


WHat does “OP” stand for in this case :)? I will update the guide.

Ahh, you edited. Great! Thanks!


Original post.


I always thought it meant opening post… huh. Guess it’s the same thing anyway, so whatever :stuck_out_tongue: and thanks for changing my ‘potential server idea :D’ thread! :wink:


op could also mean overpowered


Yes, but not in this context.


plz unban me the city of the stars here nickname copper coins gold coins time crystal Darkkairo time crystal gold coins copper coins


Isn’t this what RedEagle said to please not do? RedEagle is the owner of City of Stars, you’ll need to private message him for that.


I’m seeing a lot of new threads that show the OP has clearly not read the rules for posting. I’m going to put the rules into the forum description for a while as an experiment, to see if we can turn this around.


Wow, yeah, the description is really big!

My new server dynamic city is going up. Join!

If I post a thread and forget to post “Cloud” in front of my title (I’m so sorry about my brainlessness, since it clearly states in the forum rules that a multiplayer thread for a cloud server should have Cloud: in front of it) is there any way to edit my thread’s title?


Yes, I can edit that for you. Can you link me, please? Pretty unwell today, and feeling sick makes me lazy :slight_smile:


Thanks so much Milla. Sorry to hear your not feeling well. I appreciate you fixing this for me.


Thanks! All done.


So a server world means a mac hosted world, right?


oops… :o