Safely Farming Aggressive Mobs


Farming aggressive mobs is important on all worlds because of the resources they give upon being killed. On vanilla worlds, players will have a relatively easy time so long as they carry a stack of food to heal if things go wrong. However, on custom worlds set to hard, aggressive mobs become deadly, to the extreme if the world is one-hit kill.
Below, I have described with photos the steps one can take to avoid taking a single hit from aggressive mobs, so that one can farm them on hard, one-hit kill worlds without issue.

Dropbear: Ember Method

Your setup should look like this. Make sure the blocks surrounding the compost are two blocks above it. This is necessary because dropbears cannot climb two block high walls.

This is what your setup should look like after planting the tree.

Set the wood part of the tree on fire with the ember. It’s important to make sure your Blockhead can reach it without moving from its spot. If a dropbear drops into the fire block, it will die and turn into leather and fur.

Chop the block below the fire block. Like above, it’s important to make sure the Blockhead will not have to move to chop the block.

Dropbear: Without Embers Method

Unlike the above, this method does not require the usage of embers, and instead relies on the dropbear AI where it will not attack blockheads that hangs on the block below it.

Your structure should look like this. Make sure that your blockhead will hang off the side of the block instead of standing.

Chop the tree down. Some more experienced players will be able to run across the block to get the dropbear to drop down without having to chop the tree, but this is risky. Notice how the dropbear will not attack if your blockhead hangs off the block.

You can then hit the dropbear with your fist or another weapon. It will not be able to attack so long as you hang off the block.


Your structure should look like this. Notice how your Blockhead will not be attacked at that height.

This is the minimum height you will need, or else your Blockhead will be attacked.

Pour a bucket of water into the enclosure, or place the ice above the gap.

The scorpion will drown, allowing you to safely collect the poison.


Sharks are dangerous because they will actively seek out blockheads, even on vanilla worlds. The structure exploits this part of their AI; normally, the shark will not enter a 1 block gap of water because it will not be able to get out. However, if it senses a blockhead near it, it will jump into that gap, and become stuck. This allows you to hit it without fear of it swimming away or attacking.

Your structure should look like this. Make sure there are one block gaps of water at the top. I have placed the kilns because heat makes larger sharks; they are not necessary.

Stand on one of the blocks.

You can then hit the sharks at your leisure. The sharks will be unable to move away or attack.

I <3 compost
Shark Jaw Bounty

Great guide (though I’m not mentally strong enough to deal with expert mode yet)

I’m sorry, but this is no way, shape, or form possible. ‘Safe’ and ‘scorpions’ do not go together.


GoodGradesBoy’s Way of Farming Dropbears

Make a platform next to the tree that the dropbears can’t get to, then shoot a bow and arrow at them and collect their fur at the bottom.


That’s smart! Should make one on Skeeves exile.


The main benifit is that the tree doesn’t burn xD


The general concept I was working on was that you would build a shaft above a small area with cacti. It has to be out of range of the scorpion’s poison, which you would then pour water into. The water would flow down into the scorpion enclosure and kill them.


I don’t usually use embers–I just hit the block with my fist or an axe.


I don’t normally use embers when I want to collect wood either. You earn less wood than chopping a tree from top to bottom. However, I found the ember an effective way to prevent a dropbear from attacking, since it kills them without having to hit them.


Using an axe or my fist does not hurt me either. They won’t attack…I use it where you use the ember–wood isn’t usually a priority of mine…


I’ll update a revised method that doesn’t require an ember.


Easiest way to farm dropbears

Step one: kill them

You have now successfully farmed a dropbear


Thanks for the tip. However, on one-hit custom world with mobs set to hard, it becomes a bit harder than that. :wink:



Step one; don’t kill them, trick someone else into doing it

Step two: laugh at how smart you are




This gave me an idea for a thread…


there is another way to farm dropbears without burning there tree
key :sick: = block :mad: = tree with drop bear :lol: = blockhead :dead: = air
:sick: :lol: :mad:
:sick: :dead: :mad:
:sick: :sick: :sick:
make sure to do this at night-time


Attempting to hit it in those positions caused the drop bear to attack.

If you were able to one-shot it this would work, but I prefer the method I put in the OP because it’s more accessible. You don’t need a weapon.

Edit: I’ve added a safe way to farm scorpions. Let me know if any of you are interested in a safe way to farm sharks.




Cruel but I like it :smiley:


Drown them