Safely Farming Aggressive Mobs


This works for dropbears on hard mobs too. This is my dropbear farm on Skeeve’s Exile.

Mobs are on hard and it is on one hit kill.


I’ll be sure to test it. I vaguely remember making something like this and dying. Who knows? I probably messed up somewhere.

I wouldn’t be surprised that I did. When testing the scorpion trap, I could stand on one side and not be attacked at a lower height, but the other led to being attacked. I might submit that as a bug later.


You have to make sure the compost blocks are elevated. Before 1.7 if you went across the block the dropbears would come down fast enough to kill you but now they are slow enough that you can hop over the block to make them come down. You hang off the side of the block to kill them.


I also use @Shariu’s method. I died quite a few times in 1.6 when my BH walked across the tops of the blocks instead of using the passage underneath :see_no_evil: You used to need to chop the tree, leaving one block to avoid replanting. The dropbear is stuck on the single block as it cannot jump across a gap and cannot drop down two blocks. Provided you cling to the side of the block and DO NOT walk across the top you will be safe.

Now, as Shari says, you don’t need to chop the tree as you can entice the dropbears onto the block and then kill them. I find this slightly more difficult in that I need to watch my BH like a hawk. She is partial to jumping up on top of the block whilst the dropbear is there and we know what happens then!

I’d like to see your method for sharks @Cate


and the award for the creepiest blockhead goes too… (drum roll please!)


Nuh huh! Meet Shadowgirl.


The shark method has been placed in the OP. It’s one of my favorite food sources. A recent vanilla world of mine had one of these, and I was able to get a surplus of fish when previously my blockheads were always hungry.


I’ll be putting up the method that does not require embers for killing dropbears. Quick question: would you rather me keep the ember method and add on the other, or remove the ember method?

  • Keep both
  • Remove the ember method
  • Other (please comment)

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OP has been updated with the other method for dropbear killing. They’re under two different spoilers. I use a variation of the ember method on normal rules because when on normal, you can safely light the wood on fire in daytime without having to build the structure in the OP. It’s a bit easier than the no-ember method because you’re not in any danger in the daytime, while the no-ember method can still be messed up by walking along the top, and the build is a bit more complicated than having a flat walkway with pine trees.


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