Sakura chi-a new server


Hey guys. I have a new server now, called sakura chi. Hope you come check it out, if you want. Ill have some images of the spawn and other buildings. But for now here are the rules:

Ok, here is the welcome message


Welcome to sakura chi

Please take time to read our rules, or risk a kick or even a ban
1: please do not litter. You will be banned for doing this. It makes the server laggy, and nobody wants lag.
2: skim read the rules each time you come on, as they may have changed.
3: build to the far right or left of the spawn, and please do not use dirt or compost as a building block. You may use it in a garden only.
4: do not steal, or greif (destroy) other people's homes unless you have been instructed to by the owner. To prevent this from occuring, make sure your build meets the guidelines, listed below, and keep your items in a safe.
5: do not be aggressive, or use aggressive behavior, this will not be tolerated.
6: do not curse, this is considered violent and offensive. Kids play this game, and do not need to hear these words.
7: this game is not a dating website, please do not date on my server, as I would like to keep this server child friendly. Although dating can be fun, it can be awkward around others and is not allowed. No sex, or asking for sex. This may result in an instant ban. If you break this rule, be prepared for SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES.
8: respect all staff, the staff here help the server, and there is no need for them to be treated badly.
9: please do not build railways in in the sky.
10: everyone has different opinions, and thats ok. Do not judge others based on their opinions.


WORK NEEDED, ask chi_chi. If you like building we would greatly appreciate your help, and if not, we need to clear some buildings from either side, and the sky, of the spawn. You will be paid for this, or, if you are aiming to earn admin or mod, this will greatly increase the chances of actually earning it.

Building rules and regulations

you may not use dirt or compost in your build as part of the main structure. Compost may be used for plants and trees only, no exceptions.
ask chi_chi before using water in your build, as if the build is greifed the water makes a huge mess on the ground and is easily preventable.


owner: chi_chi
head admin: Tsukasa
head mod: N/A
co-owner: N/A

Moderator rules

1: follow the world rules; just because you are mod, this does not give you immunity.
2: treat normals with respect, as well as admins, and other mods. Breaking this rule may result in demotion
3: you are not permitted to ban or kick for no reason, if someone breaks the rules you may kick them, but ban only in extreme cases, such as non stop cussing.
4: set a good role model for other players.

Administrator rules

1: follow the world rules and the moderator rules.
2: do not edit the welcome message, or the world settings, without permission from chi_chi.
3: do not mod or admin others without asking chi_chi first, if you disobey this rule you will be demoted.
4: do not use repair mode excessively.
5: do not edit the spawn.
Earning admin / mod

in order to earn admin or mod, you must not break any of the rules, more than three times. If you break rule 7, you have absolutely no chance of earning mod, let alone admin. You may not ask for admin or mod, and, if you are already admin or mod, you may not ask for head mod or head admin. You must display good leadership values, these are required when earning authority. Once you earn admin or mod you will be on a 3 day trial, if you misbehave during the trial, you will not get admin. If you misbehave during any other time, after being admined or modded, you will be interrogated, demoted, the logs will be checked, and all other admins in the admin senate will vote their opinion, whether you stay or you are banned.


This is the spawn, built by the first loyal admin on the server, tsukasa.


I like the spawn.


Please include a bit more information about your world, such as rules, themes, etc


lets see…


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