Samudra Temple! Sultan’s Regime

The desert is a barren wasteland filled with poisonous scorpions and unbearable heat. You wouldn’t think anyone would consider living under these conditions?

Well the answer is yes, after some long hours and some slight hesitation I decided to make my own Temple for a Sultan to rule!
Made with extravagant materials such as gold blocks and diamonds as well as marble and glass to make you feel like true royalty.

The Main center of the Temple. Typically for planning expeditions and for trading with other nations.

Guardian Chambers. This room is for any guarding or visiting leader to rest up for the night.

Royal Chambers. This is for the Sultan only and can only be entered using a secret entrance.

And that’s it! I really hope you like it! I’ll be sure to create more in moments time.



Wow. All I can say is wow and it would take me 10 years to make something like that.

Which server did you build that temple in?

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Oh I didn’t build it on a server. I only play singleplayer

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:pushpin: it

Pin it? Sorry i don’t know what you mean :laughing:

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Btw this was the scraped version I was hesitant about haha.