SAPPHIRE LANDS (server world)


~Owners: NOPENOPENOPEG & D0LPHIN-(sealwater123)~

Sapphire lands is a server where we can build, survive, and do events-(coming soon) there are trusted Admins and Mods protecting the sever and we two active owners! we have cities for you to stay in and a Subway at spawn to travel. -About sapphire lands-


  • 1. No foul language, this includes insult and make people sad
  • 2. No killing someone animals without there permission.
  • 3. No spamming
  • 4. Leave stumps of trees so they grow back
  • 5. If you find a gem tree please do not destroy it
  • 6. No hacking or instant ban
  • 7. No stealing or grieving
  • 8. No PVP if an admin accidentally leaves it on
  • 9. Try to adventure as much as possible
  • 9. No modifications on oceans
  • 10. Don't advertise unless someone wants to know what it is
  • 11. Don't ask for admin or mod!
  • 274. No three digit rules and no copying rules
  • 13. No building houses with dirt, titanium, platinum, carbon fiber, compost, (you can use very little of these materials in houses though)
  • 14. No huge buildings on the spawn island you want to build big, build on other islands or in the sky
  • 15. Make sure that people don't have to go around your house aka use wooden doors on the pathway or make a tunnel under your home or over (elevators)
  • 16. No intentionally avoiding being on while staff are on, if you are caught joining with staff aren't on and leaving when staff are on multiple times you will be banned
  • 17. Rails must be 200 or more blocks below the surface

  • -Mod and Admin Rules-

    1. Don't upgrade the spawn portal over sapphire

  • 2. Avg, D0lphin, and Mystic are trusted to admin/mod people if you want someone admined/mod ask them or the owner (NOPENOPENOPEG)

  • 3. No banning people for no reason, this will result in a instant ban.

  • 4. No flooding.

  • 5. Only four kicks then permanent ban.

  • (-the theme is optional but its anything related to sapphires-)

    SAPPHIRE LANDS discord server


    So you are the Co-Owner. Only the Owner of the world can advertise their server on the forums.

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    Shouldn’t it count? Co owner is the second owner

    I’ll change it.

    Owner as in person who has access to the owner portal and owner commands.

    Are you the owner (as in the person who actually created the server)?

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    I didn’t create the server, but I have access to the owners portal.

    It looks beautiful! You have a nice consistent theme for the spawn. Already a great impression.


    Which one are you, please? :upside_down_face:



    I am D0LPHIN


    We have a rule here that the owner of record needs to have control over the world thread, so if you get your co-owner to join the forums I can change the OP Tove theirs :upside_down_face:

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