Saving worlds


Is there anyway I can save my private worlds?
I’m buying a new device




Yes there is.

  1. Connect your current device to your computer and open iTunes
  2. Create a backup of your device - if you want to save your TC, make an encrypted backup.
  3. Restore the backup to your new device and your worlds will be there.

You may be able to achieve similar results with a full cloud backup, but this is not officially supported.


But I don’t have a MacBook or Pc…


Is it possible for you to lend someone’s (friend, family?)


Probably not. But maybe you can save all your resources by transferring all of it to a friend through a server and portal chest.

Then when you get a new device, and you finally get your first portal chest, you can have that friend transfer you all your stuff.


There isn’t?


Can’t milla port them over to a new device if she has both of the support numbers?


Single player worlds are stored on the device, not cloud.


First you need to know that there are two main parts of a iOS app/game
There’s the data which is the actuall app and there is the documents which is your actual save data.
Doing a full cloud backup backs up the documents. So when you get a new device and load up that data it will download the app from the App Store and then load in the save data


You might be wrong about saving your BH data to the cloud. Bib has pointed out that it is not officially supported, but in the past some players have reported that it worked for them. I understand the reason for not saving the BH data to the cloud is the files being so awful huge.