Scorpion Knowledge


Hello everyone! This is a guide with everything we know about scorpions! How to find them, how to kill them, how they attack, etc.


Scorpions spawn in two different ways. The way they will originally spawn in a world is through what I like to call “random generation”. Random generation is basically this: when you generate a world, some scorpions will spawn in deserts. If you have a world already, go check in a desert! You’ve probably already got a few.

The second way they spawn I like to call “farm generation”. Farm generation is the means by which they spawn in farms. Scorpions have some very specific needs to be spawned. First of all, you should know that through farm generation, they are required to have cactus (plant a prickly pear to get a cactus in the same way that dodos require apples, or donkeys require carrots. However, for scorpions to spawn via farm generation, the cactus must also be a minimum of 20 in-game days old (which is also 5 in-game years). Since each in-game day is generally around fifteen minutes, scorpions are hard to farm. It is recommended that you plant cactus on sand, and don’t have that much light for them - these will both speed up the rate at which the cactus grows, and dies, and if the cactus dies too soon you won’t spawn a scorpion. After twenty in-game days, the cactus can die - and right before it does die, some scorpions will spawn. Yay! You have a scorpion!

NOTE: Scorpions will not spawn via farm generation if that portion of a world isnt loaded (but the cactus will die), making it harder to farm scorpions in a server.


Scorpions are some very difficult creatures to kill. The primary reason for this is that wherever you can hit a scorpion, it can hit you back - even if you use a bow.

Scorpions have two types of attacks - a close up attack, in which they use their stinger and stab you; and their ranged attack, in which they shoot poison from their tail. The close up, melee attack, is their stronger attack and will do more damage to you. They use this attack even during the day time if you walk onto the same block as they are on. Their ranged attack they only use at night time, or if they are provoked by an attack from the player.

To kill a scorpion, it is advised that you have decent armor (I generally use iron armor - I save my ice armor for visits to the core). You should bring with you both a (gold, if possible) bow and a sword, and I recommend you leave the scorpions alone until the day time - this way you can fight them one at a time.
When you go to attack the scorpions the first time, you need to kill around 4 - they drop one or two poison per kill - so that you have enough poison to make a gold bow, which is five times as strong as a bow with copper arrows. Then I recommend you kill the scorpions one at a time, using your sword or bow depending on their distance from you and what your health is.

Scorpions are a bright green color, and don’t appear to be darkened at night time (which makes it much easier to see them, which is very good). They have brown patches on them, and are in the general shape of a scorpion - they have six legs, pinchers, and a stinger.

A scorpion in HD[spoiler]

A scorpion in LD[spoiler]


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Awesome. I learned that prickly pear=Scorpion.
Plants cacti and scorpions hit me
Or not. XD


What I don’t get is why is it green? Should scorpions be like a rusty brown color?


Shouldn’t dodos be extinct?
Logic does not need to be in games.


It’s not about logic it just doesn’t fit in with the desert


It does fit with he desert.Since it is green,it can camoflauge.blockhead logic.


Do you really want these thing being hard to see? :slight_smile:

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Scorpions are easy to see. Everyone is glad for the fact.

Not quite that fast…
you have to wait a long time.


Are you kidding me? I’ve got loads of poison already! My poison business is BOOMING baby! XD ( that was a term from a film I mean no offence XD)


Poison Business, you say? Where are you collecting your vemon? :slight_smile:


Haha, I wish.

Are you farming them, or finding them?


Yeah I’ve found three of them all together. I got four poison which I sold on the market. Can’t be bothered making a golden bow yet. I’m also working on a scorpion farm in my mansion.


Is that even possible to place a scorpion farm indoors? :confused:


I have no idea but it’s worth a try :smiley:


I would suggest taking out the background. It might increase the chances of spawning something (It works with donkeys and dodos). Good luck. :smiley:


I didn’t read the update description all the way through when I was updating. I happen to have a massive desert temple/pyramid thingy in one of my worlds… and I was legitimately confused as to why there were radioactive-green SCORPIONS in my cacti farm.
(At least they’re easy to see!)


lol, radioactive scorpions. XD :smiley:


Is it possible to make a small cactus garden and spawn scorpions?