Scorpion Knowledge



Of course that is necessary.



I have been working on one recently :smiley: thy are going to take a long time to spawn though aren’t they?


Awesome sauce. Thanks for all the help ErickMatrix. :smiley:

According to ErickMatrix’s guide, it says that it takes 20 in-game day old cacti to actually see any scorpions. Mainly when a cactus is about to die.


Ooooh…anyway recently I have found out that that they spawn without cacti anyway. They just spawn on sand. It is nothing like dodos and apple trees…


They originally can just spawn on sand. But I don’t believe they can respawn there.




To clarify:

They spawn in deserts when a world is updated to 1.5. They cannot spawn there again unless there are prickly pears.


I already got one going!


Awesome farm Kingman :smiley:

I found out that a scorpion dies with 2 hits from a [bronze] sword. Haven’t tried killing one with normal/poison bows but I will!


Normal bow is about 10 hits I believe, it’s two hits with a gold bow.


The price for scorpion poison is going down due to the fact that people have found out how to make farms.


I find it hilarious that poison is in the food tab.
Is there any way to block their ranged attack?


Not really but it kinda works by placing a two block wall or more when your sleeping.


Try attacking scorpions from above, if you can. Standing on a tall cactus and using a bow works for me.


It’s in the “plants, trees, and animals stuff” tab. Dodo feathers are there too. As is fur, leather, and meats.

Doors, I think, should work.


But, uh…What’s poison actually used for?


Golden bows, as stated in the original post.


Yeah, I found that out playing BH today.


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NOTE: Scorpions will not spawn via farm generation if that portion of a world isnt loaded (but the cactus will die), making it harder to farm scorpions in a server.

Excuse me but i dont get this. Does it mean I need all of the players in a server to have that portion of the world to spawn scorpions? I have tried to spawn them in a server but they never do.


In other words, someone has to be looking at the farm for scorpions to spawn. (or someone has to have looked at it recently) If no one’s looking at it, then they won’t spawn.