Scorpion Knowledge


We’ve got a farm although we closed the top off because of the poison ranged attack. There not that dangerous though, unless you encounter them in a group larger than 5


Be afraid. Be very afraid. Scorpions can travel away from a desert. I encountered one that had teamed up with dropbears at night. O_O Good thing i was on my donkey and managed to flee.


Does a scorpion have a specified locations in the world like the desert cause recently I found a very small patch of sand about 5 blocks wide a someone already passed through and saw no scorpions the first time and there were no cacti around also its close to the South Pole.
EDIT:First successful farm in cold weather find the weather helping in the process somehow.

I killed them all with a sword��
The trick is to just kill them all…very quickly somehow I did it with my regular clothes.
EDIT:update…round 2

This one got meh 12 poison.


Could you clarify in what way does the weather helps with the process. :slight_smile:


It probably would reduce the light, therefore reducing the time for the cacti to grow so the cacti live for 20 BH days therefor spawning scorpions :slight_smile:


Make sure to check out my thread on how to safely farm poison here.


It’s much easier to just kill them all and a newly spawned bh could take a scorpion with the spade as its poison attack is much like a bow and the physical doesn’t do much so I can say its not that dangerous


In my opinion, fighting scorpions isn’t all that bad, especially when you have an iron sword…when it’s over I just have to eat some food if I get hurt.



That’s how Bilbo Baggins the blockhead died.